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We know that being diagnosed with diabetes gives rise to many questions. Some may be about the fundamentals while others may be particular to you.

At DRWF, we provide general information on all aspects of diabetes and related health with the aim of ensuring that you are 'staying well until a cure is found..'

Diabetes Wellness leaflets

We publish a series of specially commissioned leaflets on diabetes - The Diabetes Wellness Patient Information Series - which are freely available on request. Click here for FREE pdf and audio downloads.

The series currently comprises:

  •     What is diabetes?
  •     How can diabetes affect my feet?
  •     How can diabetes affect my eyes?
  •     Periodontal disease and diabetes
  •     Sexual dysfunction and diabetes in men
  •     Sexual dysfunction and diabetes in women
  •     Managing diabetes when you are ill
  •     A healthy diet and diabetes
  •     Diabetes and exercise

    (Source references are available on request).


Each month, DRWF distributes an electronic Newsletter which contains key items of diabetes and related news for your interest. This news may be the very latest in research advances; latest treatment availability news or information related to our own events, campaigns or projects.

Getting the latest relevant information directly to your inbox is a great way of staying abreast of diabetes news as it becomes available.

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Offers on publications.

From time-to-time, the Diabetes Wellness News contains information on the latest services and publications of interest to people with diabetes. We frequently publish book reviews and when this is the case, negotiate a special offer discount with the publishers for Diabetes Wellness Network subscribers.

If you would like to become a Diabetes Wellness Network member, please JOIN ONLINE for a special 25% discount on the first year's membership.


We recognise that there is a wealth of information and support available to people with diabetes on the internet. Where DRWF is unable to provide information or service, we signpost to other reputable organisations/websites that we consider may be of interest or value.

Whilst every consideration is given to the credibility of organisations or websites that we signpost to, we cannot be responsible for their content and advise users to exercise caution whenever viewing material from other sources. Please also be aware that outside of the UK some diabetes treatments and drug names are different.


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Information Leaflets

It’s important to understand the many aspects of diabetes and related health to ensure that you make informed choices about the management of your condition.

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Islet Cell Transplants

Islet Cell Transplants are available as an NHS treatment option for a small number of people with Type 1 diabetes meeting a strict selection criteria.

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