Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a tax efficient way of supporting the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation.  Because your donation is deducted from your pay before your Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax is calculated, you get tax relief straight away at your highest rate of tax, so your donation effectively costs you less.

Your support through payroll giving will provide us with a regular flow of income, allowing us to plan ahead and budget for the future - enabling further commitment to finance vital research and the support of people with diabetes. At the same time you benefit from:

  • Immediate tax relief
  • No long direct debit or standing order forms to complete (with just one form you can choose to support a number of charities - please see bottom of page for link to our payroll giving form)
  • All administration being handled by your employer and PGA (Payroll Giving Agency)
  • Feeling secure in the knowledge that your chosen charity (hopefully the DRWF) is benefiting in an efficient, regular and reliable way

Payroll Giving may be new to you so, before committing yourself, you may wish to find out more.  If so, please visit the Payroll Giving Centre, a comprehensive online information centre:

Payroll Giving is a fantastic way for employees AND employers to embrace charitable giving.  

"It makes us proud to think that Royal Mail Group's colleagues donate via Payroll Giving and deliver nearly £3m in tax-effective donations, which makes even more of a difference to communities throughout the UK and internationally."

Denyse Busby Earl, Group Director - Engagement and Inclusion, Royal Mail Group.

We hope you decide that payroll giving is the way you would like to support the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation.  Perhaps your employer would consider matching your gift?

Payroll Giving information for employers is provided by HMRC - 

Click here to download a Payroll Giving form


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