New app allows people with diabetes to turn their smartphone into a diabetes monitor

A new app is available that can connect to smartphones and help people with diabetes in the self-management of the condition.

The Dario system, by Labstyle, is designed for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes to test their blood sugar levels through their mobile device.

The app can connect to smartphones and logs blood sugar levels automatically, to help with self-management, in addition to allowing carers and healthcare professionals to monitor the condition.

The new app allows people with diabetes to monitor their condition on their smartphone

The pocket-sized app is compatible with iOS and Android phones and can record various aspects of your diabetes history, from changes in blood sugar levels to carb counting, as people can also log meals and keep a food database.

The Dario Smart Meter is also available, allowing smartphones to be used as a diabetes monitor and management platform (with strips available on the NHS).

Katie Gregson, 13, (pictured above) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged two and said she felt self-conscious checking her blood sugar levels with clunky diabetes kit, often told to “stop faffing around” by teachers at school.

Kate is assisted by her Medical Detection Dog Pip to monitor her condition, and uses the app to let her know what she needs.

Find out more about the app here

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